zerona laser fat treatment

Who's a Good Candidate for ZERONA®:*

• Individuals who are reluctant to undergo the pain, cost and recovery time involved with surgery.
• Patients who are slightly to moderately overweight and are seeking to signficantly reduce fat deposits stored in particularly stubborn body areas.
• Patients interested in achieving an improved, leaner silhouette.*
• Women or men who want impressive slimming results.

Our own patients at Serendipity have experienced 3-4 inches reduction on average, contouring their challenging trouble spots.* Many men have had amazing success in reducing love-handles and the inches around the torso, while women have lost fat on the thighs, hips, arms and abdomen.*

Is There Any Recovery or Downtime?

There is typically zero downtime with ZERONA®. It can be performed on your lunch hour, taking only 40 minutes per session (20 minutes lying on the front, and 20 minutes on the back).* For best results, it’s critical to schedule your appointments every other day (three treatments per week).

To see maximum results, a patient needs to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and drink a sufficient amount of water to keep the body hydrated (at least 8-10 glasses of water daily), avoiding alcohol and caffeine during the 2-week treatment period. This allows the body to flush the emulsified fat out of the system.

Patients have reported having looser fitting clothes after even the first session!* They also like that this is a discrete method of slimming down, unlike traditional surgical liposuction that requires downtime and wearing uncomfortable compression garments.*

Zerona Video Presentation

*Individual Results May Vary

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